Kylie Hiner Memorial Park

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A Place Where Family Fun Has No Limits!

In the honoring of Kylie’s life, the Kylie Hiner Memorial Playground will be a place for all members of the Canyon community. We are raising $1.2 million for this project.

A Little Bit About Kylie

Kylie Hiner was loved and embraced by the Canyon community and this playground will be a place to experience the joy Kylie brought to the lives of everyone she knew.

Kylie wanted to know things about anyone she met for the first time, she remembered those things, when she saw them again she asked about those things, and she made these new friends feel like a million bucks each time she saw them. If Kylie ever met you, you were important to her.

Kylie loved to make plans with people and looked forward to spending special time with friends and family. She made meeting people a personal and unique experience. Kylie never forgot that special handshake, unique greeting, or that funny joke that was just between you and her.

Kylie had autism but her friends and family just thought of it as “odd-tism,” she was just that funny girl.

Kylie loved everyone, and everyone loved Kylie.

Donations are still accepted!

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