2023 Water, Wastewater and Municipal Solid Waste Cost of Service and Rate Design Study

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As adopted on March 6, 2023, the Water, Wastewater, and Municipal Solid Waste Cost of Service Design Study (hereafter referred to as the "Utility Rates Study") is will take effect on October 1, 2023. The document is available for viewing here.

Timeline of Events

October 1, 2020: City of Canyon Utility Billing minimum is raised from $28.85 to $30.35 for both Residential Service Rates and Commerical Service Rates.

September 21, 2021: City Manager authorization to engage NewGen Strategies and Solutions

December 15, 2021: NewGen consulting team visited Canyon in person

December 2021 – November 2022 (11 months): NewGen and City Staff work on rate study. City Manager made modifications in Fall 2022 to add CIP projects in the rate structure.

December 16, 2022: Received Draft Report from NewGen Strategies and Solutions Adoption 

January 2023: Final Report Date by NewGen Strategies & Solutions

COMMISSION MEETING: Monday, January 9th, 2023: City Commission ‘Officially’ receives the report

STAKEHOLDER MEETING – February 21, 2021: Stakeholder meeting with customers and ratepayers to solicit comments and feedback on Rate Study. This will NOT be an official public hearing (just a stakeholder meeting). Also, the stakeholder meeting will NOT occur at a City Commission Meeting, but will be in the evening to get maximum feedback opportunity. Written comments will also be accepted.

COMMISSION MEETING: Monday, February 13, 2023: City Commission Q & A with staff after looking at the study

COMMISSION MEETING: Monday, March 6, 2023: Staff disseminates feedback from the stakeholder meeting and any written comments to the City Commission. City Commission Adopts Resolution, in effect accepting the rate study.

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